I can not say enough about the quality of this school!My children have been thru the 2 - 4 year old programs and each of their teachers were phenomenal, the classrooms are large and well equipped for learning and the administration is beyond helpful in working with our scheduling needs. My daughter went to kindergarten this year and was so well prepared educationally...I watched the relief on her face as she first walked into elementary school and said "mom, this looks just like my preschool." My son loves going to school, and quite frankly, I love bringing him there. New Beginnings is a happy place and the school feels like one big happy family....I can't think of anything more a parent or child could want from a pre-school.
- Megan Hofmayer


My daughter Alie started last year with Mrs. Basile and moved to New Beginnings to be with Mrs. Basile and her new teacher Mrs. Fayoud and all her old friends because she had come a long way under Mrs. Basile's care but still had a long way to go socially. Under Mrs. Basile's advisement, I registered her for the 4 day program in the 4 year old class and requested Mrs. Fayoud because Alie already had a nice relationship with her. WELL, in the THREE SHORT weeks Alie has been in the school, she has gone from being the quietest girl in the class, to the girl who asks for play dates, talks about all her new friends, meets new friends on the playground, knows how to socialize on the playground, and begs to go to the full day class on her half class days!!

In addition to all this, the faculty is SO SUPER nice!! We are always greeted by so many smiles and hugs!! They are so truly happy. Even my 1 year old son loves to go pick my daughter up from school. Sometimes they hang out in the library and play before they leave. It's such a warm and fuzzy place to be. You can not help but be happy dropping your child off and picking them up from this school. As a working mom, I could NOT BE HAPPIER with this situation. I can not wait to get my son enrolled!!!
WE LOVE NEW BEGINNINGS!!! Thank you for making us feel like we belong to a community!!! xoxoxoxoxo
-Jen Wasielesky

I wanted to take this time to thank everyone at New Beginnings. My son, Jackson, went there from 3-5 years old. Sylvia Bastone is the greatest owner. At one point we moved and I placed my son in a different school that closed down abruptly (we had 4 days to relocate). Sylvia made a classroom for our children and moved all of us over. Her staff is amazing. I never worried about my son. The staff was friendly, nurturing and caring. (Special shout out to Ms. Donna- his 3/4 year old teacher & Ms. Nellie- his pre-K teacher). If anyone is researching a daycare for their child - this IS the best place to go ! Thank you ALL ! We will miss you dearly ! Feel free to ping me if you have any questions. I would recommend them to anyone !

-Jeni M.

Great place for a child to excel. Super friendly staff and close to home.

- Eric M.

Today was my daughters first day at new beginnings, Ms. Ellen sent me pictures and gave me updates on her through out the day which was great and made me feel so comfortable to leave her in their care!! My daughter seemed to love it and jumped right in!! They sent home a full report of everything she did!! It's only day one but I can tell we made the right decision!! Thank you to everyone who works there for being so pleasant and making this new transition so easy!!

Laura H.